The Devil’s Teardrop by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

One more great one by Deaver! In this one he has so many bad guys that even the cops (the good ones) have a hard time trying to figure out just who is the real bad guy. And they do it by using not only FBI agents but one retiree who is specialized in analyzing handwriting. His presence and abilities are needed because a killer (or killers) is shooting up D.C. and leaving notes telling where ransom moneys should be left or more killings will occur.

The handwriting agent is Parker Kinkaid who is separated from his wife and trying to raise two youngsters with the help of an older lady who doesn’t live in their home but is in and out. Parker and his ex-wife are still battling over the children and he is in constant fear that something in his previous line of work will cause him to lose custody of them. The somewhat lead agent of the FBI team is a woman named Margaret Lukas. The FBI wants Parker to come back and assist them because of the notes that are being left and the scheduled shoots. Just as a note “the devil’s teardrop” pertains to a type of writing.

The shooter’s notes say that he will be doing his mass shootings on a four hour schedule for the present. They will be held in heavily traveled places and he somewhat gives them clues as to where they will be held. Finally Parker agrees to try to help but on a limited basis and he will be able to leave whenever he feels his kids are in any danger.

The FBI brings in more and more agents and the hunt intensifies. However it doesn’t seem to be doing much good as the shootings continue.

While the reader is getting a good look inside at the FBI workings Deaver also takes the reader into the life of The Digger as he is named. His life is very messed up but when he finds someone he trusts he will do anything for them and that includes mass shootings. He seems to enjoy planning them and then actually doing them. All the while he no longer appears to have anyone telling him what to do. That person is no longer available but The Digger knows the plans and how to carry them out. Once they finish he keeps thinking about how he is going out west to California when he does the last one.

Along the way during his planning and massacres he comes across a man and a young son. He feels that the man was definitely wrong as to how he is raising the boy so he shot him and then took the boy to raise. The boy is happy because his life was terrible, as his father beat him all the time.

The book gets deeper and deeper into how the FBI is trying to get The Digger, how The Digger is trying to do what he believes is his job, and how Parker seems to be kind of falling for Lucas as they work together.

As you finally get to the end which seems to be a good one, Deaver turns the corner for the reader and brings in another side-story which becomes the finale. It is really quite a twist but very Dewell handled by Deaver and enjoyed by every reader I am sure! Great book!!!