Manhattan is My Beat (Rune Trilogy Book 1) by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

If it is by Jeffery Deaver it will be an interesting read! Manhattan is
My Beat is definitely another of his interesting books. This time he has a young lady named Rune getting involved deeply in a very entangled chase for a suitcase with money in it. Or at least that is what Rune (the young woman) thinks.

Rune works in a tape rental store (lower class style) and watches tapes a lot in her off time. She also constantly battles with Tony, her boss, because she either is late or plain misses a lot of hours that she is supposed to be putting in at the store.

She had gotten very friendly with a much older customer, Robert Kelly. Nothing personal. Just friends. But one afternoon when she went to his apartment to pick up a tape she called him on his intercom and when he began talking shots were fired. She and another woman who was standing there both turned and were almost deliberately run over by a speeding green car. Going up then to his apartment they found Mr. Kelly, dead on the floor from gun shots.

After the cops interviewed Rune and the woman they were turned loose.
But Rune was deeply hurt by the death. She then began to realize that Mr. Kelly had been renting the tape, Manhattan is My Beat may times over and over recently. It is a story about a cop who after killing a bank robber during the robbery takes the bag with the stolen cash in it out of the bank. Supposedly that bag of close to a million dollars was never found and this was in the 1940’s.

From there the story twists and turns over several months as Rune is deeply interested in finding out about that missing money from the bank. She is fairly certain Mr. Kelly had a suitcase in his apartment which was also very old.

She is beginning to get herself very much involved with finding that suitcase which has never been located as far as the police are concerned.

There are however several other folks who are also getting into the hunt for the suitcase and they continue to collide with or just miss colliding with Rune in the search. It seems some of the searchers are male, some female, some authority-type people, and some who appear to be on the other side of the law. There are also some characters who are not who they first appeared to be to Rune when she first met them.

But the entire story is about a possible suitcase that was possibly containing a lot of money from the 1940’s era and was being sought by a bunch of different folks.

Deaver can build some very intriguing stories about some kind of off the wall kind of things. His secret I believe is that he builds not only great stories about these items but he adds in some truly believable characters who definitely hold the readers’ interest. Get this one and try it!