Noble Beginnings: A Jack Noble Novel by L.T. Ryan

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Quite an interesting book but I am still trying to figure out exactly the total picture. Jack Noble and his partner, Bear, are deployed Marines in Iraq assisting the CIA supposedly. But as the story deepens it appears that the CIA isn’t really on their side. Or at least someone in the upper echelon of the CIA has developed a really intricate and complicated scheme. Whatever that scheme is never really develops but Noble and Bear suffer because of it.
It starts when the two of them try to save a family from what appears to be an assassination of the father. Noble doesn’t believe that the family and especially the children should be witnesses to this maneuver. He boldly steps forward and stops the procedure from happening.

The leader of the group is a man named Martinez who begins a scuffle with Noble. However Noble and Bear withstand the attempted putdown and Martinez with his men take off leaving Noble with Bear to watch over the family for a short while. Shortly after however is when the main part of this story really begins.

As the two of them try to leave they are stymied by a group of three men (Americans) in the middle of the road. When Noble sees that they are not going to move he tells Bear to run over them and keep moving. He has already determined that the people in this command do not like the presence of Noble and Bear. So now he has to get away from them and somehow get word to his commanding officers of the problem.

The problems continue to mount though as they are recaptured and moved from one location to another. Everyone seems to be bowing to Martinez and not allowing Noble to get ahold of his own commanding officer. As this is moving along those in command actually accuse Noble of killing the family that he saved. He cannot convince them otherwise because their leaders have told them what to do. Finally however someone with authority says that Noble and Bear are to return to the states.

It doesn’t turn out any better for the two of them as they are shuttled from one stop to another as if no one knows what to do with them. Strangely enough they are finally able to escape and they join up with Noble’s former girlfriend. Together the three of them begin working to determine what is really going on. It does seem there has been a power play and it may have gotten some results for those involved in it.

The book ends on a completely different note though as Noble is free and as he wanders around he is offered a new type of job….somewhat new. Read the book to find out how this entire story of travels, fights, beatings, and an unknown power play goes on. It is a good read but does leave one somewhat baffled.