To the Bone (A Kate Reid Novel Book 9) by Robin Mahle

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Takes a lot of cops to go after the bad guy in this one. And the cops range from the regulars from the Boston Police Force, County Police, Massachusetts State Patrol, and even the FBI.

It basically starts with Mike Hawthorne, foreman of a construction site along the Charles River in the Boston area. One of Mike’s men calls him over when as they were digging they spotted a hand in the dirt that they are removing. Needless to say after calling the police the digging is done for the time being and the investigating of the area begins.

Detective Terry King begins the investigating which turns up an entire body. King brings in the Medical Examiner and other police officers. They surmise or at least believe that it is another of the victims of the Charles River massacre that was supposedly done by Whitey Bulger some 25 years previously.

That crime was not actually ever solved as they didn’t know if they were mob deaths or normal citizens who were killed by some maniac. Mostly they were younger women and they all seemed to have other injuries or incidents to their bodies prior to their murders.

Today’s find quickly turns out to also have strange conditions so there are questions. However shortly after the body is found and the digging is stopped yet another body with similar circumstances is found. Strangely booth bodies were not from the vintage of the Charles River massacre. One for sure appears to be of recent times.

While all the many cops begin their investigations the rest of the story is also being told about a young man who has been forced to live with his father who is wheel chair bound. The whole story of this deranged family is then told by Mahle. Again the tie in to the Charles River Massacre seems to be very evident. However the investigators have no reason early on to go after this duo.

The total of bodies found continues to climb and several of the top investigators follow up on some different hunches or leads. These closer investigations turn up some interesting clues to both the old massacre and todays’ bodies (yes even more are found as the construction site is further checked out).

How it all winds up and who all is involved makes for a very interesting read. Robin Mahle has done a great job on this one!