Likely Suspects (Alexis Parker Book 1) by G.K. Parks

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Likely SuspectsPretty good read about Alexis Parker who has been working as an Investigator at the Office of International Operations but has decided to now strike out on her own. Her plan is to do security work or even private detective work. A good friend and former supervisor puts her in touch with a James Martin who is owner and active leader of Martin Technologies. After a somewhat strange interview and stranger introduction to Martin’s secretary, she is hired.

The problem appears to be that some one or more than one someone appears to be attempting to be doing damaging things to James Martin, possibly even killing him. As Alexis begins her new employment she finds that Martin expects her to basically act almost like a girlfriend. At dinner on the first day of employment it seems that several gunmen enter the restaurant and plan a holdup of the diners. Alexis and her former boss (Mark), who is along basically to further the introduction of the two, get the word from Martin to go after the gunmen and see how good the new security head of Martin Technologies really is.

After the two security persons perform more than adequately several police officers finally arrive. And then the whole activity turns out to be a ruse just to see how well Alexis can respond. It appears that in reality Martin has been threatened and is somewhat fearful for himself and his company. Although he knows no reasons for the supposed threats two names are quickly brought to mind by Martin, Mark, and Alexis.

Those two are Blake Denton, who is Martin’s Vice President and actually runs the business when Martin isn’t available, and Mrs. Griffin, Martin’s longtime secretary (and it turns out one time girlfriend). However there do not seem to be many actual reasons for either of them to want him dead other than their personal gain perhaps.

After several unsuccessful minor attempts, Alexis decides to move into Martin’s estate which has more than enough room for her with no connections

needed. However Martin seems to be always around and attempting to further their relationship beyond boss and “guard”. Alexis however manages to keep things the way she wants them which is separate and friendly only.

Many events happen to keep the action moving and Likely Suspects builds into a very interesting read. It also turns out that from the information given at the book’s end there will be at least one sequel. Not sure if there will be a different list of suspects or a different story line but I look forward to looking when it happens. An interesting story and well written!