Neon Prey (A Prey Novel) by John Sandford

Reviewed by Allen Hott
Lucas Davenport, who used to be the governor of Minnesota’s number one crime solver, still works at solving crimes. But now the former governor has moved on to Washington and from afar he uses Lucas as his number one U.S. Marshall. So whenever there is a strange crime going on anywhere in the West Lucas gets the call and off he goes.

This time he starts off meeting a different FBI agent in New Orleans along with a couple of other agents, Bob and Rae, whom he has worked with on other occasions. It turns out that they not only are hunting a killer but this particular guy is also a cannibal. Although not a perfect one in that he does kill the person first and then usually cuts them open and eats the liver or other intestinal organs.

The killer, named Deese, was on bail for doing other criminal activities in his job as a muscle for hire by loan sharks and others. He skipped out on his bail procedure and was on the loose but still actively doing various crimes as he worked at earning more money.

His real need for money came as his penchant for gambling and women both grew larger and larger. And since the best place for gambling always seems to be Las Vegas that is where he headed. Deese meets up with a group including his brother and several other men and two women. They are all gamblers and looking for somebody who has a big enough stash of money to give them a real night on the tables.

They do find a load and then the real story begins. They begin not only killing others who get in the way but by the time the story starts winding down they are killing each other. Of course only one of them, Deese, is actually killing and eating as he goes.

It take some time, some solving, some watching, and waiting but finally Lucas and his group track them down. Or what is left of them as Deese doesn’t seem to have any qualms about killing even his own gang members.

Overall a pretty good read and a typical ending as Lucas always get his man! However it does take quite a while and much happens to keep the reader’s interest.