Ninth and Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Ninth & NowhereAnother of Deaver’s short stories that appears to be published for Kindle type readers. This one may fit that category but it is still a very good read. As usual Deaver kind of starts “nowhere” in the story with a mix of characters who seemingly do not know each other. But bang! They all come together and the reader finds out exactly what is going on.

Ninth and Nowhere has seven supposed strangers who are pretty much described in detail by Deaver but the reader doesn’t know what is going on and how they will interact. One of them is a young man who wants to buy a gun, another is the gangster who wants to sell him the gun, and then there is a good police officer who is working his last patrol.

Also one is a lady executive who is keeping things from her husband, a single father in a custody battle for his child, and a very impressive looking businessman who is on his way to a new job that he really needs. And finally there is recently released veteran who is having a hard time getting over some of the horrors of war that he has just recently witnessed.

How and why did they all come together on this particular section of town and at this time is Deaver’s plot. What action seems to trigger pulling them all together even though they had no idea that it was neither coming nor why it did come.

When the action starts it is fast and furious but somewhat unfair to some of the folks who get drawn into it. And the outcome is something that leaves each of them with a stain on their memory that will last forever.

How Deaver introduces each of them and then how they intersect with each other is quite a story. It is a short one but it is a really good read. Get it and see what you think about Ninth and Nowhere. I almost feel like it should have been titled Seven Who Come Together!