Girl Most Likely: A Thriller (Krista Larson) by Max Allan Collins

Reviewed by Suzanne Odom

Max Allan Collins book, “Girl Most Likely” introduces us to Krista Larson, young chief of police of a small Midwestern town named Galena. She is only 28 years old, which makes her the youngest female police chief in the country. She learned from the best, her father, retired detective Keith Larson.

Chief Larson is attending her 10-year high school reunion. The reunion is held over a weekend with several events planned. Sadly, a year earlier one of her classmates was murdered in Clearwater, Florida. Then, during the reunion, another classmate is killed. The second victim is a high-profile journalist for a Chicago TV station. In high school she was known as a boyfriend stealer and not the most well liked. Digging into the past can be tricky and old grudges and drama cause resentments to flare. Keith’s wife, Krista’s mother, recently died. To help deal with his grief, Krista invites him to help with the investigation.

It doesn’t take long for Krista and Keith to link the two murders. While they are investigating the two deaths, a third woman is murdered. Krista and her father find themselves in the middle of an investigation that goes deeper than expected. How is this third murder connected to the others? The father daughter team asks many questions of the suspects, those whom attended the class reunion. Is one of Krista’s former classmates a killer? Eventually they gather all the leading suspects together for another reunion, in hopes that one of them will crack under pressure.

The author has great character development. Krista and Keith’s relationship is brought closer together as they work together to solve the three crimes. Krista is following her father’s example in law enforcement in a small town. Collins is very descriptive in describing each of the characters. Descriptive enough that I can picture how they look, and their mannerisms.

The ending of the novel makes readers wonder about what comes next. Yet it is still a satisfying read. Will there be another thrilling Krista Larson book? Overall, this book was a fun, easy, and fast-paced read; one that is easy to pick up and read quickly.