Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and the Fading Creeps by A.J. Massey

Reviewed by Diane Pollock

The snow burns! Ben has slipped into another world in his sleep, a very odd and magical world indeed. Fairies are mean, snow is hot, humans are referred to as weeds and the whole place is fading away. He embarks on a quest to save this land and meets fellow weeds along the way, as well as a myriad of other fascinating creatures.

Reminiscent of the Oz books, this land is peopled with creatures that are at once familiar and strange, like dragonwoofs. Small dragons that are very doglike in their devotion and culinary tastes! Friendly robots, cruel fairies, translucent elves and more.

Sometimes the human children fall asleep in this place and awaken in the real world, and we get to glimpse their real lives and problems. Ben is a geek, scared to ask his crush to a dance. Another girl is an orphan, and another boy suffers from weight issues. Very relatable for young adults as well as adding interest and dimension for all readers.

This book sets up very well for a series that could become a beloved classic of the future!