The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The President is MissingTwo celebrated folks collaborating on a story about the possibility of a worldwide internet attack. In this lengthy tale President Duncan, the president of the United States, is faced with a possible cyber terror attack that will shut down not only the United States electronic systems in total but also do harm to several allied countries as well.

However President Duncan who is a highly decorated former soldier and as he has basically been contacted directly by one of the terrorists he decides to work through this pretty much by himself. He does not allow hardly anyone and especially the press know anything about the supposed attack. He handpicks six of his closest advisers and several high tech folks to work with him on figuring out how to do this work.

The problem is that he must keep this completely quiet and the only way he can do that is if he sneaks out of the White House with only these few advisers and swears them to secrecy also. Together they begin figuring out how they can get those who have already begun polluting the system, shut them and their technique down before the harm is done on an upcoming specified date.

That is the storyline that Clinton and Patterson have put together. The way it is written it is fairly easy to recognize Clinton’s part in the workpiece because he would be familiar with many workings of not only the White House but also the entire system as it pertains to guarding the President. How President Duncan not only turns up missing but continues to stay that way until the job is done is a bit hard to believe but who knows, maybe Clinton used to do it!

Overall it is a fairly good read but does tend to slow down a bit in many places as the procedures used in getting into a cyber network are discussed. And not only getting into the system but what is entailed in setting up the correct blockages that suspend the usage of the system. Also how to prevent the cyberterroristic system from coming back if and when it is isolated and hopefully done away with.

This is not the kind of book that most folks will really delve into because it is not only lengthy but has many characters, plots, and sub-plots that tend to clog the reader’s thoughts. If you are into politics, computers, Clinton, or Patterson it is probably well worth your giving it a shot.