The Victim’s Club (Kindle Single) by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Victim's ClubA different approach in some ways. Deaver has written this book as a Novella and it is very interesting though short.

Jon Avery is a detective working in Monroe County Sheriff’s office and is given a case to help out on as the primary detective is away for a few days. Avery begins his work when the state calls with some info the other detective had requested on one of her cases. It turns out that a burner phone was used to photograph a professor from the local college. The pictures showed the lady lying on a bench and pretty much undressed but also appeared to be asleep.

Avery knew of the college and that it was well known for its sports programs as well as quite a bit of partying. In discussing the event the other detective had found that Rose Taylor, the professor, had been at a party where she had one glass of wine and had started the second when she really felt wiped out so she had laid down on the bench. When she came to she noticed how her clothes were all messed up but instead of reporting to the police or anyone at the party she headed home.

The next day she decided to contact the police and they had a doctor check her out. He found no signs of molestation but did find remnants of a powerful drug that caused her to lose consciousness. On that day she had also begun receiving emails telling her to look at various web sites including Snap Shots. There were the pictures that someone had taken of her and then posted on the web.

No one from the party had been able to identify anyone with Rose at the party since the lady she had gone with had left the party earlier. There did not seem to be any one who had reason to do the offense other than as a collegiate prank or something. However Avery told her it definitely is a punishable crime somewhat related to rape and he was going to work at finding the culprits.

Exactly how he goes about his investigation and how he comes up with not only the person who bought burner phone that was used is what makes this such an interesting read. Needless to say Deaver works all avenues in this one to make it a very well told story even if it is a short one. Give it a try!