The October List by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The October ListI am a Deaver fan and read almost all of his books BUT this one is so completely different I am not sure what comes next. The story is a good one and I am sure if he had written it in the right order it still would be a top seller. I’m sure this is is a best seller for him but it is weird!

The first chapter is actually Chapter 36 and is the ending of the book! Yes, you read that correctly. Chapter 1 is actually at the back of the book and though it is the last chapter it is actually the beginning of the story!

In essence it is a story about a lady, Gabriela McNamara, (as she is known part of the time but uses aliases also) who is an undercover cop and at the same time she works as an undercover person for a big time criminal. Now the reader won’t know all of this right away as some of it comes out at the ending (or in Chapter 1 if you will at the end of the book).

Her goal is to get one big time crook who though he owns a multi-million dollar financial company is also working always on the side figuring out ways to steal money from wealthy folks with money to invest. Daniel Reardon, that particular individual, got cross ways as far as Gabriela is concerned when she found out he had seduced, raped, and taken illicit pictures of a young girl. He used the pictures to get money from the girl’s very wealthy father who didn’t want to go to the police and the media for fear of what the whole thing would do to his daughter’s future.

But wait I am getting ahead of the story. Although that is how Gabriella started on her quest of Daniel that isn’t known until the end of the story (told in Chapter 1 at the back of the book).

Throughout the book we follow Gabriella as she and Daniel pal up to figure out how to get (a) Gabriella’s daughter back from a kidnapper and (b) get the kidnapper in their control.

Joseph (the kidnapper) has told them that the only way that Gabriella will get her daughter back is if she comes up with the October List and a tremendous amount of ransom (which changes in amount as the story progresses.) The October List seems to be an unknown document that has the names of perhaps 31 people who if are found out to be on the list will suffer severe consequences.

Whether these consequences are financial or physical we as readers never really find out. Nor do we find out who they are and how they got on the list in the first place.

Together Gabriella try all sorts of solutions to finding out where the list is and also how they can get the ransom money. And while they are working on the above the police (whether good or bad ones we are never sure) continue to follow the hunters and find out what all they know about this October List.

If this review sounds confusing, give The October List a read and do it from front to back. Hopefully it will keep your attention and have you trying to figure out what is going on. I gave it a read and think I figured out it somehow but it was tough……but really enjoyable.