The King of Torts by John Grisham

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The King of Torts[amazon_link asins=”” template=”” marketplace=”” link_id=””]I am not sure how I missed this one by Grisham as it is not a new release but it, like most of Grisham’s, is a great read. Perhaps because he writes about the legal field and he has had much experience in that field. He came out of law school, worked in criminal law, and even served in the House of Representatives. His background really has helped his writing expertise.

The King of Torts follows Clay Carter as he while working in D.C.’s OPD gets stuck with a murder case that he tried desperately to avoid. No one in his Department wanted murder cases as they are far too time consuming with little or no reward for the work.

It seems that a young black male named Tequila Watson had shot a young man for no apparent reason. He wasn’t on drugs and they weren’t fighting. Watson just walked up and shot him 4 or 5 times. Then when he was confined to a cell he beat his cellmate profusely and again for no apparent reason.

Shortly after one of his visits to the jail Clay is contacted and asked to meet with a Max Pace who Clay believes is a partner in a big time law firm. In the meeting Pace (after telling Clay that Pace is not his real name) tells a story about a large intercontinental drug company that recently began experimenting with a new drug to combat hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, and crack. Only using one Tarvan pill every other day stops drug addiction of hard core drug addicts. It had been mainly used in Europe but recently was brought into the United States.

However now they strongly believe that in maybe eight percent of the ones who have started using Tarvan there appears to be a problem developing especially if they have had a violent history. Two of the known users are Tequila and one of his buddies who is also in jail for murder. Pace’s plan is for Clay to file suit against the drug company as the lawyer for the people that were killed in D.C. by Tequila and the five or six other killings around the area.

Pace totally believes that the drug company will try to quietly close the case and continue their work at bettering the drug. And they will be willing to settle the cases for a sizeable figure for each victim and for his attorney. Pace convinces Clay this is a great opportunity so he accepts.

Pace in just a short time sees how well Clay is doing on this case and offers him another. These two cases provide Clay with enough income to build a respectable law office and to hire many of his former coworkers at OPD at fantastic salaries. Then they all go to work hunting people who have been hurt by someone who because of using these certain drugs lost their ability to differentiate from right and wrong.

The firm does well and Clay, because of the amount of cases that he has dug up and the amount of money received from the drug companies, quickly becomes known as The King of Torts

Ah yes and for those who need a little romance Clay does get dumped by his longtime girlfriend but quickly finds another.

How does all of this business plus love angles turn out? Well, first you will be surprised at the quick and steep climb that Clay and his crew make. Perhaps you need to read the book to see how it all turns out. You may be totally shocked at the system and the book’s ending but unless you read The King of Torts you will never know!