Warning Light by David Ricciardi

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Warning LightThis is quite a story for those of us who enjoy adventure and also enjoy hearing and reading about the military, espionage, and all things tied to those areas of our lives.

Zac Miller, traveling as a technology consultant, is flying to Singapore when the aircraft is diverted due to mechanical problems (the Warning Light). Zac and the other passengers end up landing in Sirjan in the Republic of Iran. Walking from the aircraft, which was forced to land quite a distance out on the runway due to its size, Zac begins taking some pictures of the land behind the airport.

As they get to the terminal Zac is stopped and taken into a room where his camera is taken from him and he is in fact taken prisoner. The Iranians then take him to Colonel Arzaman of the Revolutionary Guards. Here he is questioned and realizes that Arzaman is going to hold him and further attempt to find out about Zac, his background, and what he is doing in Iran. Also at the same time unbeknownst to Zac, a young man matching his build looks, and attire takes Zac’s place on the plane. This is going to be a big part of the story later on.

As the Iranians work hard to learn from Zac whatever he knows, he uses his own military training plus just great physical and mental abilities to escape.

The story moves on a fast pace as Arzaman works hard to find and recapture Zac but Zac works harder to stay on his own. The methods he uses are not necessarily unique but they are interesting. Ricciardi has done a great job of building this story of one man against not only the Iranians but also against nature and the many things that can happen to a person on the run. Especially one who is on the run in a foreign country that he is unfamiliar with.

He faces many, many obstacles such as going without food and water sometimes for days, having to climb not only trees to avoid being spotted by those chasing him but also has to climb mountains to keep moving to his destination, though he doesn’t know where that is! He knows he needs to get out of Iran before Arzaman finds him.

He spends time with sheep herders and also people in places where he is moving through with no shelter and again no food nor water! And all this time the Iranians are pursuing him with personnel all over the countryside.

There are times that the reader will think to himself, “come on…could he really do that?”. But it is quite a story and in today’s world it is highly possible. Some of the physical accomplishments may be beyond the range of most of the readers (such as me) but there are people out there who can do much more than we realize. And hopefully most of them are on our side protecting the country we live in!