Violets are Blue by James Patterson

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Violets are BlueMr. Patterson has put one of his aces, Alex Cross; into quite a mess in Violets Are Blue. This time Cross, a detective living in Washington, D.C., is called in to help out Kyle Craig, a top FBI agent, as the entire United States quivers under the threat of Vampires! Kraig uses Cross quite often and has been in several earlier books. Supposedly he is in the running to be top dog at the FBI.

Vampires! That is right. It appears that people all over the country are not only being killed but they show all signs of vampire style murders. Not only are they found with severe bite wounds but in most all cases their blood has been pretty well drained out!

Cross isn’t exactly happy to be called in on this case because another of his female associates has just turned up murdered. This is the third one in recent years. And they always seem to be somehow connected to The Mastermind. The Mastermind is a mysterious person who constantly calls and taunts Cross either about someone he has just killed or one of Cross’s cases that is bugging him.

The Mastermind continual harassment has really been getting to Cross but he can never track down the phone call nor find any trace of where the guy is.

Now however Cross and various of his associates, including Craig, begin traveling all over the country trying to get to the vampire killer who always manages to stay one step or should I say one state ahead of them. They can never get a hint or clue to why the victims are chosen so they are having a hard time trying to get a heads up on their next location or victim.

It finally begins to look as if the next happenings are going to occur along the West Coast and another of Cross’s associates, Jamillla Hughes, who is from there meets up with Cross in New Orleans to join in the hunt wherever it leads. Hughes does play an important part in the book as it moves along.

As Cross and his crew travel around, Patterson introduces two brothers who are vampires and as we follow their episodes we discover that they are in fact the killers that Cross is after.

However he does not know them nor anything about them except for the horrendous crime scenes that they leave. William and Michael, the brothers, seem to have unlimited funds as they never take anything from any of their victims. Other than their blood!

Overall another decent book by Patterson with limited sex and not a tremendous amount of profanity. Not a lot of thrills however either but there is one gigantic literary feat when you get to the end of the story. It appears that Cross has finally apprehended The Mastermind. But you need to read the book to find out who it is and how it happens! That part is intriquing!