Blood Memory Society by D.A. Field

Reviewed by Chris Phillips

Blood Memory SocietyWho would have believed that Dr. Will Dunbar, would be involved in a national emergency of far reaching proportions.

While diving in the Bahamas, Dr. Dunbar, Will, is summoned to Washington by a friend’s desperate plea for assistance. When he sees his friend, Colonel Ross Chapman the years seem to disappear between now and then, when they were both at West Point.

Although Dr. Dunbar is about to become the head of reproductive medicine at the Mayo Clinic, his friend is able to sidetrack him into working on this issue.

For the first-time Dr. Dunbar hears of a secret organization, The Blood Memory Society, that the government has been running since the beginning of the government in the United States. In the current case, the society has been renamed the Inherited Memory Society.

After hearing about this organization, he finds that it is under attack and that even though there only 100- 150 people in this society, it has been kept in secret for hundreds of years. There are 27 in the United States at this time. Someone is killing all the people who belong in this society despite the secretive nature of the organization. The number has dwindled from 27 to 11 in the last few days.

Suddenly in the previous few days their number has been decimated. Dr. Dunbar must help find the survivors and help to keep them safe.

The story continues with many spins, twists and complications that seem to be insurmountable. As Will goes deeper into the mystery and the secrets of this group, he finds himself in more and more danger. He rescues one of the members, but in short order falls in love with her. Then the excitement peaks as he tries to find out about his own past, what the people killing these members are about and how he can save them from more losses.

The plot is deep and intriguing. The pace is just about right. The background information is a little deep at times, but if the basics are understood then the tale unfolds with many more twists and turns.

The characters are well developed and their interactions are well structured and complete.

The author has some in-depth knowledge of several fields of endeavor and uses that information to make a well-considered book.

This is written for the mature reader with some light sexual content as well as large amounts of violence. Profanity is used but infrequently.

This reviewer feels this is a great read and one worthy of attention for most adult readers.

5/5 Stars.