No Man’s Land (John Puller Series) by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

No Man's LandMr. Baldacci has brought John Puller back and really tangled him up in a super woven story. Puller, and Army Special Agent and son of a retired three
Star general, is involved in finding out whom or what caused the disappearance of his mother some thirty years ago.

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His father, now suffering from dementia, is fading fast and Puller takes some time off from his military career to track down the clues in the old mystery.

It started because a former friend of the family sent the father a letter basically accusing him of doing the dirty deed to his wife. Puller doesn’t believe it and sets out to find the truth.

In so doing he runs into some highly secret government projects that went on at that time and some of which are still going on. One of these projects had certain persons basically turned into robotic-like people who were many, many times stronger than the normal man and they also appear to have lost some of their senses as far as concern for their fellow man.

It also becomes evident that besides covering this particular endeavor the government is also working on other highly secret items in the base where the Puller family lived at the time of John’s mother’s disappearance. And there appears to be quite a bit of espionage and stealing of secrets going on at the present time.

John’s brother, Robert, also involved in government security work, doesn’t want John to get too involved since Robert himself felt the wrath of government discipline some years back and was only saved because of John.

But now John, teamed up with a female intelligence agent, does in fact begin working the case. They run into many problems including this one particular superman constructed by their government and he is basically been up to no good.

More and more entanglements happen and the story is a pretty long read. However as most Baldacci books No Man’s Land has plenty of action and suspense to keep any reader interested and looking for more. Another great one by Baldacci.