Intelligent Field by Surendra Kumar Sagar

Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Intelligent FieldIntelligent Field by the immensely gifted author, Surendra Kumar Sagar, is a mind-expanding look at what he refers to as the Intelligent Field, a sort of Traveling Cosmic Mind that controls nature, but it’s the `Information` in the field and the flow of such information in the field that is responsible for everything that happens in the universe , including the imparting of Intelligence to the field. As mentioned in the Foreword of the book, within this `Intelligent Field` is a universal mind, that gives us “consciousness.”

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Intelligent Field is a follow-up, of sorts, to Sagar’s book, Six Words. Both Intelligent Field and Six Words have a cross-disciplinary approach and are deeply philosophical. In Intelligent Field, as in Six Words, a wide variety of topics get incorporated into a heady mix, with Sagar always optimistic in the potential for the human race, but also pointing out how events unfolding in the United States and globally could lead to the possible end of human life on the planet Earth.

Sagar is not a prophet of gloom and doom in Intelligent Field, but he does mention that humans are getting closer and closer to midnight, as far as the Doomsday Clock goes. There is still time left to pull humanity back from the brink of potential extinction, but it can only be accomplished only if certain measures are taken before it is too late.

In part, Intelligent Field is a snapshot in time, presenting a picture of the state of humanity in the time before Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Sagar writes about the potential that humans can achieve, and also the very real possibility that they might be hurtling towards self-destruction. However, Sagar writes in chapter 1B, “An Integrated Approach Toward Convergence,” about how mankind can change the course it is on, through avoiding nuclear war, a convergence of religion with science, resolving conflicts between nations and within nations, and eliminating nuclear threat, altogether.

Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell were two of the main people behind the start of the Pugwash Conferences, which, as Sagar discusses at some length, began in 1957, and were attended by scientists, scholars and public figures desiring to figure out ways to avoid armed conflicts and seek solutions for global problems. Later, nuclear scientist Joseph Rotblat was another of the important proponents of the Pugwash Conferences, dedicating his life, as Sagar writes, “to peace and the prevention of nuclear wars.”

Some of the other topics Sagar writes about in Intelligent Field is the possibility of how the travelling cosmic mind is linked with Relativity, with entropy, with quantum entanglement, and in the philosophical sense linked with Einstein`s cosmic religious feeling. .There is also an in-depth discussion on Mind, Consciousness and the Soul, and on the importance of `Information` in defining reality. Sagar also revisits his previous book, Six Words, and includes comments and correspondence he has had with others about the book.

Intelligent Field by Surendra Kumar Sagar is a mixture of philosophy, science, religion and rational thinking, a perfect book for anyone who enjoys pondering the answers to life’s “Big Questions,” and what direction humanity is headed towards. It is also a Must Read for fans of Sagar’s book, Six Words. Intelligent Field is destined to become a classic, a book that is sure to make a valuable addition to your reading lists and personal libraries.