Unlucky 13 (Women’s Murder Club) by James Patterson

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Unlucky 13If you have not read James Patterson any of his Women’s Murder Club stories this would be a good start. Unlucky 13 is one of those so you do have the assortment of professional women who make up this club. Lindsay Boxer, a San Francisco detective, is somewhat the main lead in this one but as usual her fellow members play significant parts along the way.

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And as usual Patterson has more than one plot going on as he normally does. The main one here is probably where Lindsay and her partner are trying to find who is planting some type of edible capsule in hamburger meat. It starts when a couple is found dead in their car and the middle of their bodies have actually been blown apart. Tests show some type of high explosive that is set off by gastric juices. In this case it has been encapsulated in a very minute fashion and then planted in hamburger meat.

Lindsay and her associates continue to run leads and finally determine that it appears one particular hamburger chain is the one that shows up on not only the first murders but also subsequent. Then in talking with the folks who own and run the business they find that after the first ones were detonated a caller advised the owner that he needed a large sum of money to prevent any more of the hamburger detonations!

While this is going on another member of the Women’s Murder Club, Cindy who is a newspaper reporter and always looking for the big story that will get her a Nobel Prize or some other highly distinguished journalistic award, has begun digging into the whereabouts of a former associate of theirs. This woman by the name of Mackenzie Morales worked with the police for a time before falling for and partnering up with a very bad dude. He was about to murder Lindsay but Lindsay got the better of him and Mackenzie took off before she could be charged with any of their crimes. She is still on the run but nowhere it seems in the San Francisco area so Cindy decides to work lots of different contacts and track down places where she may be. Cindy wants to not only catch her but to be on the scene so that she can get the first report which no doubt will be a biggie not only in the Bay area but all around the country. Somewhat against her editor/boss’s wishes she takes off in her search which brings more intrigue into Patterson’s story.

And the third member that gets deeply involved in this book is Yuki Castellano, who works as a prosecutor for the DA’s office. But instead of being involved in some kind of shenanigans in her job Patterson decides to marry her off to one of the cops who works with Lindsay. So they do the hitching up and off they go on a honeymoon cruise. Well that doesn’t seem like something that would have James Patterson write into one of his Women’s Murder Club novels does it? Best thing I can tell you is to get Unlucky 13 and find out how does that part of this great read play out. You will not be discouraged.

As usual he has written one of his typical books with lots of excitement that never seems to slow down until he brings it all together at the end. Read it and find out. You will not be disappointed I guarantee!