The Meddlers of Moonshine (Moonfall Mayhem Book 2) by A.E. Decker

Reviewed by Teri Davis

The Meddlers of Moonshine“Rags-n-Bones wished he were a rat. If would make dealing with guilt much easier.”

Anytime anyone travels to a new place, fitting in with the community is usually a challenge. For Miss Ascot Abberdoff from Shadowvale and her motley crew, this is very true. Sir Dmitri, the Captain, Rags-n-Bones, and her Vicardi car, Widget, everything seems strange. With Ascot’s red eyes and fangs, Dmitri’s command of the language and love of literature even though he is a wolf, and Widget who is a bat-winged cat, fitting into anywhere in difficult.

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In this adventure of this Wizard-of-Oz-themed book, the challenge is to rid the city of ghosts. Since they had previously defeated unearthly spirits with Ascot’s silverware, shouldn’t their experience give them an advantage? Even knowing that the only competition will be from Professor Smothers, who will somehow cheat to ensure his success, Ascot feels confident that they will win.
A prerequisite for reading The Meddlers of Moonshine is to read the first novel of Decker’s Moonfall Mayhem, The Falling of the Moon. To understand this book is essential in understanding the characters and their relationships to each other.

In the first book, Ascot is in search of true love. For the particular one, the purpose is a competition to rid the town of ghosts. Fortunately, there are numerous adventures as they prepare for their challenge. These accidental discoveries greatly assist in preparation for the big day. Adding to the mystery is a ghost who is searching for his sister, a girl with curly, yellow hair while conversing with the group. Why would anyone want to get rid of this sad ghost?

The author, Pennsylvania native, A. E. Decker who feels fortunate to be owned by three cats. She earned her master’s degree in history and valued learning how to turn stories upside-down. She has been an ESL tutor and a doll-maker before discovering the world of writing.

The Meddlers of Moonshine is a fast-paced fantasy interlaced with a variety of life-lessons of problem-solving situations with slightly eccentric characters who seem to have various human qualities is aimed at young adult readers. However, as an adult, I have thoroughly enjoyed both books. For a slightly eccentric but fun read, read both books in A. E. Decker’s Moonfall Mayhem.