The Falling of the Moon (Moonfall Mayhem Book 1)

Reviewed by Teri Davis

The Falling of the MoonHow many of us secretly dream of life as “happily ever after?”

For Ascot Abberdorf of Shadowvale, all she has to guide her through life is a single book of fairy tales. Being orphaned, she relies on the guidance of her big brother for advice as she is approaching adulthood. However, when her big brother arranges her marriage to a much older man, she decides to leave her home carrying her guide book of fairy tales and whatever silverware she can quickly grab along with her loyal bat-winged cat, Moony. She believes that by traveling to the distant Daylands, she will find her true love as her destiny in life. Her father was from Shadowvale and her mother from Daylands, so why not discover how the other half lives?

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Since Ascot is a vampire, this land of brightness is a little strange to her.
As luck would have it, the prince of the land is searching for a wife.
Fortunately, a fairy godmother appears giving Ascot a ring with this inscription to help her find her true love. “I burn bright in Love’s True sight. If you light not where I have shown, live out your life, unloved, alone.”

Will the ring lead to the prince?

What could stop Ascot from finding her own happily ever after with this prince?
The Falling of the Moon is a delightful adventurous fantasy for teenage girls, but all readers who have ever thought about the “happily ever after” philosophy of life. Often resembling The Wizard of Oz, Ascot’s adventures in life are realistic with her quickly valuing her friendships above all other goals.

The assortment of fanciful characters is unquestionably unique with teaching the reader to judge each person or animal by their deeds and words rather than their appearance.

A. E. Decker is a former ESL tutor and doll-maker who has become a masterful storyteller who resides in Pennsylvania.

The Falling of the Moon is the first in this trilogy and unquestionably a prerequisite for the second book, The Meddlers of Moonshine. I am completely addicted to this fantasy series that has a little life lesson for everyone. The Falling of the Moon is one of the most enjoyable and fun books I have read in ages.