Poisonfeather (The Gibson Vaughn Series) by Matthew FitzSimmons

Reviewed by Teri Davis

1503939294A wealthy billionaire spends seven years in prison for embezzlement. However, he doesn’t seem to regret his past crime. After an interview with a financial magazine about his upcoming release, it is apparent to everyone that he has hidden money from the authorities.

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So who will find the money first?

Charles Merrick swindled people’s hopes and money. Many people invested with him every penny so that their families would have prosperous futures. He took their money and left them with nothing.

Unquestionably, Merrick had made some deal with the government since he was at minimum “country-club” facility. Are they expecting some payoff as he is released? Why are they still so interested in Merrick?

Before his imprisonment, Merrick had been married and had a daughter. As with many relationships, his wife divorced him, and he lost contact with his little girl. Chelsea, his daughter, had no college fund since Merrick had invested her money. Now that Merrick is out, who will find his money first? Or will he outsmart all of them and disappear to some island with no extradition?

Gibson Vaughn is brilliant as a computer hacker. As a teenager, he was imprisoned for hacking into the Vice-President’s e-mail. Unfortunately, his past continues to haunt him.

Now Gibson just wants to earn a decent living in the computer security field. He seems to be blackballed with achieving this dream.
Now the former judge who sentenced him would like to use Gibson’s talents in finding the money his family lost in investing with Merrick.

Can he find the money before everyone else?

What would you do for one point seven billion dollars?

Poisonfeather immediately grabs the reader into the world of Gibson Vaughn and Charles Merrick, two characters wielding the story onto a roller-coaster ride for power and money. With likable characters who evolve along the journey and antagonistic ones, who stay the course into an enthralling page-turner.

Poisonfeather is the second novel for the author, Matthew FitzSimmons following his best-selling first book, The Short Drop. He currently resides and teaches in the Washington, D.C. area.

Poisonfeather is a thrilling book for any adult reader who enjoys a well-written, intricate story.