Lessons Learned (A Back to Omaha Adventure) (Volume 1)Grace’s Secret by Jewell Tweedt

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Lessons Learned“…you know that you can’t change the past, only the here and now.”
Grace Freeport is a well-respected school teacher in the frontier town of Omaha. She thoroughly enjoys working with each of her thirteen students but her past still secretly haunts her.

On a typical November day in 1874, the school day begins as usual. However, the weather quickly changes with a little snow, and temperatures are plunging with the wind accelerating.

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For a classroom with children, the weather can be frightening, and when their teacher steps outside to access the weather, the impending storm is terrifying for everyone.

Fortunately yesterday, Grace had taken the precaution of running a clothesline from the school to her home. She is well aware of storms in the plains and knows how quickly a blizzard can become dangerous. Leaving a note of their location, Grace carefully led the children holding the line and each other, to the safety of her home where she knows there is plenty of wood and food.

So what is her reward for saving the children? Grace tries to move past her past and reveals her secret. Now, the mayor’s wife wants her fired.

Grace’s past is now becoming a part of her new life. Complete with a feeling of guilt; she learns the value of friendship, loyalty, and love

Lessons Learned- Grace’s Secret is an excellent example of a perfect historical Christian romance. Perfectly balancing all three genres into one novel is masterfully accomplished in this book.

Local author, Jewell Tweedt has written numerous books in this Omaha-based series during the last few years. Many of the characters in this story were in her previous books, A Bride for the Sheriff, A Lady for the Lawman and Gold in My Pocket.

Lessons Learned is a part of this series but can also be a stand-alone novel. Knowing the backgrounds of the characters and their past experiences enrich the story and allows the reader to understand better the choices of each character as they move beyond their problemed past.

Lessons Learned-Grace’s Secret is the longest in this series and shows how the author has developed in her writing with superb characterization and well-developed plots including realistic situations based on the history of the area.

Lessons Learned-Grace’s Secret has life lessons that every person
daily needs to reinforce in moving on with every person’s life.