The Millennial Reincarnations (The Millennial Trilogy) (Volume 1) by Daniel Mark Harrison

Reviewed by Suzanne Odom

The Millennial ReincarnationsDaniel Mark Harrison’s book, begins with a forward explaining about China’s five different types of leaders. Reading this proved very helpful in understanding the rest of the novel which tended to jump from character to character throughout the book. It’s a collection of stories set in the time frame of 1990 – 2014 with a variety of interesting characters and story lines.

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The beginning tells of a man driving through New York City with his 14 year old daughter, Alyssa, and her friend. Tragically and unexpectedly, they are involved in a horrible car accident and the two young girls are killed.Thus begins a story whose characters are so interwoven amongst each other, and a story that asks the popular question, “Why are we here?’.

Throughout the book, many characters are introduced, most of whom are millennials. Through these characters, we are vicariously introduced to their thoughts, ideas, plans, and dreams. As someone who is a Gen-Xer, I was fully introduced to the millennial generation with their connection to technology, their ideas about sex, their seemingly addiction to money and obsession with finances and prestige.

Chinese culture plays a big role in this novel as well. We are given a whirlwind tour of Chinese society and how millennials fit into the ancient culture. We also meet sorority girls whom are finding their sexuality and young men with a taste for money and drugs. The book gives us a look into the bribery and blackmail that tends to go along with politics in most societies.

Harrison’s writing style is very poetic and descriptive, making the story come alive. Words are woven together to create very visual and expressive passages that bring excitement to the reader. One will find it difficult to put down the book and will plow away at it until the very end.

All in all, an interesting read with complex characters and a mysterious story line.