Home by Harlan Coben

Reviewed by Allen Hott

HomeThis time both Myron Bolitar and Win Lockwood are very deeply into trying to find out what happened to Win’s nephew, Rhys. Ten years ago when Rhys was six years old he and a playmate, Patrick Moore, were supposedly kidnapped. However nothing has ever been heard of either of them as far as ransom or bodies found someplace or anything.

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Now Win has received a phone call telling him the boys are in England. He takes off to begin the search and calls Myron for help. Myron is somewhat at a loss as he hasn’t seen Win in almost a year and also because Myron is within a very short distance of getting married! Yes after all these years and various girlfriends Myron is now ready to settle down with this latest love, Terese.

The search begins in England and France because there are reports that the two have been seen through the years working the streets as male prostitutes under the tutelage of a guy named Fat Gandhi. However the more searching they do seems to have little effect until Myron is able to cut a deal with Gandhi and gets Patrick back after a fight in which Patrick is stabbed in the leg.

They get him back to the states and keep working to figure out where Rhys is since Patrick is in such a state of shock that he is of no help. So they do not know if he is dead or alive and do not know where he is.

As all of this is going on Myron is still closing in on his new girlfriend with thoughts of marriage. Win is still working the case and trying to sort out some things locally.

It appears Rhys’ sister is having many, many problems with the idea that he isn’t coming back and all four of the parents of the two boys are struggling with the whole mess. Their struggles have come out somewhat to show many problems were going on and have been going on in their marriages.

Coben does a great job of building up hopes and then tearing them down to replace them with new questions and even characters are brought in who although they were always around have never been as involved as they are as this story starts winding down.

Also throughout, Myron’s basketball shortened career keeps coming up in his eyes as he watches his nephew begin to blossom into the same type of player that Myron was before his disabling accident.

Lots and lots of things happen that effect not only this story as it draws to a conclusion but several appear to be harbingers of some new possibilities for Myron and Win as Coben continues on a journey that may never end for the two.

Great read and really great involved finish. Read it with an open mind and a willingness to think forward!