Limelight Kisses (Love Behind the Scenes Book 1) by Michelle Segal

Reviewed by Veronica Alvarado

Limelight KissesIn her romance novel Limelight Kisses: Love Behind the Scenes, author Michelle Segel presents a steamy tale of opposites attracting in modern-day Hollywood. Filled with classic genre twists and sexy bedroom scenes, Limelight Kisses is a tale that comparatively makes real-life Hollywood love-stories look like a box-office flops.

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After a brief prologue set in the present day, Limelight Kisses opens in the early 2000s, in historic Williamsburg, Virginia. Twenty-six-year-old Ryan Lancaster is there working as a production assistant on the set of the historical cinematic drama, Mrs. Woodbridge’s Daughters. After a female lead is forced to drop out of the film, Ryan presides over an open casting call, and in walks in the young and beautiful college coed, Katherine Walker. Although she’s only there to support a friend, Ryan, sunned by her beauty and natural charisma, has her take a screen test. It comes as no surprise that she is perfect, and immediately, despite of her lack of credentials, lands the part. After some initial hesitation, Katherine takes a leave of absence from school, and following heart her and her passion, accepts the part.

Now working long days together on the set, Ryan and Katherine, rather predictably, fall for one another—hard. But, as in all cases, love is not as easy and straightforward as it first seems. But Katherine and Ryan are haunted by their troubled pasts. Katherine has not even told her family about this big career break. The now only child to straight-laced, controlling father and a mother in delicate-health, Katherine feels the full burden of all their collective expectations for future. She is meant to stay in school at the prestigious College of William and Mary, graduate with top honors, and become a lawyer. There’s no room for acting, and certainly no room for Ryan, the classic bad boy with good looks. Plus, Ryan has a difficult past of his own: an impoverished family, a troubled sister, and a womanizing reputation.

But despite these past trials, the two are still able to connect on a physical and emotional level, falling hard and fast into love. But when Katherine’s father comes and pays an unexpected visit, it prompts Ryan to rethink whether or not he is the best romantic partner for his beloved Katie. He decides in favor of the latter, abruptly leaving and breaking both their hearts and devastating Katherine.

Fast-forward over a decade later, and both Katherine and Ryan have achieved great success in Hollywood. But when they when they are forced to work together professionally—in a very close capacity—tensions rise and the heartache is once again fresh. Readers are left turning the pages to the end, in an attempt to discover if true love really can win out or if some scars just go too deep.

Confining itself to all the best-loved tropes of the genre, Limelight Kisses will provide devotees of the genre with a pleasing and sensual read.