The Five Paths to Happiness: The Keys to Living a Happy Life According to Your Personality by Javier Ramon Brito

Reviewed by Timea Barabas

The Five Paths to HappinessThe search for happiness is a central theme in our life paths; it seems to be the goal of mankind. Although many view it as a destination some, like Javier Ramon Brito, are here to remind us that it is in fact all about the road. In his book, The Five Paths to Happiness, he describes several means of materializing such an elusive concept.

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Unlike other self-help books which usually put forward a single universal solution, this one presents five ways, adding a layer of complexity to the approach. The author combines different disciplines and thought systems based on a common denominator (the number five) to outline his personal system. From psychology he takes the character structures, the five elements that govern everything (ether, air, fire, water, earth) from Eastern philosophy, also studying the interaction of these elements with the human body from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine.

The five paths to happiness are outlined for each of the five types of people identified by the author: Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. There is a chapter dedicated to each of them presenting a basic description of their personality, also touching on their strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing ideal career paths, warning against challenges and offering solutions for them. As a bonus, Brito also specifies an appropriate diet, mentioning the foods that benefit and the ones that might bring harm to a certain type.

All in all, if you enjoy reading self-help books, The Five Paths to Happiness by Javier Ramon Brito will not disappoint you. It is easy to read and you can casually finish it in one sitting. Although the number of pages is not many, there are quite a few ideas brought up, inviting the reader to reflect and also conduct some additional research.