Troublemaker by Linda Howard

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Troublemaker“On a very basic level, fighting was what he knew, what he was, so he fought everything.”

Morgan Yancy lives a life filled with adrenalin. He is a specially trained political operative sent throughout the world on undercover missions rescuing American citizens in dangerous situations. Finally, he has some downtime and is looking forward to taking his boat, Shark, out onto the Potomac River for a relaxing fishing trip in the Chesapeake Bay, just down time from having a stressful job.

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What Morgan didn’t expect was to be attacked as he arrived back at his home later that evening. He saw a flash and a sledgehammer hitting his chest. Who? Why? He had no clue. The next thing he remembers is waking up in a hospital and being in intense pain. So much, that his entire body is exhausted, and he sleeps. He is surprised to awaken to find his boss, Axel MacNamara in his room. He explained that a member of the Russian mob had shot him and that Morgan had killed him. Why? Who hired him?

Strangely, the GO-Team files have been hacked since the attempted murder of Morgan. He has given this agency his life. Axel moved Morgan for his safety. With the files hacked and the attack, where can Morgan heal without the protection of a prison system?

Fortunately, Axel has an estranged step-sister who is in law enforcement. She also lives in a small isolated town in West Virginia. No one would easily find him here. He needs time to heal and regain his strength. The race now begins. Will he recover? Will he be killed? Which will happen?

Isabeau Maran is the chief of police for Hamrickville, West Virginia. Bo has two part-time jobs and is also a technical writer with a demanding dog, Tricks.
Hamrickville is quiet town but does have its share of marital disputes needing law enforcement to keep the peace. Bo does the paperwork required by law while the other officers handle the town’s disruptions. So what happens when Morgan stays with Bo and Tricks?

The author, Linda Howard has written numerous award-winning and best-selling novels. She resides in Gadsden, Alabama.

Troublemaker has well-developed characters in a small town with its townsfolk possessing unique but caring idiosyncrasies that make you want to know these people. Between the residents of Hamrickville and the dog, Troublemaker combines humor into an intriguing romantic thriller.