Cross Justice (Alex Cross) by James Patterson

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Cross JusticeWow! Perhaps his best! James Patterson has always been writing great stories that it doesn’t seem possible that he just wrote his greatest but I think maybe he did. This is a tremendous book with an incredible ending. One that I doubt anyone figured out before reading the final chapters.

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Alex Cross, former FBI agent, now working along with his wife, Bree, is on a short sort of vacation trip back to Starksville, North Carolina where he was born. First trip back in many years and it is to see if he can be of help in solving a horrendous murder that his nephew is in jail for.

Another Cross relative, a niece, is defending the accused and thought perhaps Alex could help her dig into the crime and help disprove the charges. Stefan, the accused, is also accused of raping a young girl before supposedly murdering a young boy that Stefan was like a father to for some time.

As Alex and Bree begin digging into the background trying to sort out the evidence strange things begin to happen. As they approach a relative’s house two cops stop them and give them not only the third degree but a bunch of troubling talk about his nephew.

Cross is very curious about much in the town since he left when he was a very young boy due to the murder of his mother and supposed killing of his father who was thought to be the murderer of his mother.

There are still many Cross relatives in Starksville and though some things have changed many others have not. Most of the town believes that Stefan is guilty and so they are not helping much as Cross digs.

But he and Bree do find other suspicious things also happening and as they get more deeply involved they themselves get into quite a bit of trouble.

Everything seems to point to strange things connected to trains going through the area with young men standing on top of some of the cars. This appears to be happening routinely and always about the same time.

Cross also is trying to go back into his past and find out what happened to his mom and dad. This takes him to Belle Glade Florida where he meets up and works on a case with another cop. They become friends and vow to stay in touch.

How Patterson twists and turns all these events is really great reading. And all I can say in advance is……be prepared for a really different ending and at least in my eyes a great story well told.