The Unbound Soul by Richard L. Haight

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

theunboundsoulAuthor Richard L. Haight feeds readers food for the mind, consciousness and soul, with his enspiriting non-fiction work, The Unbound Soul which centers on his spiritual endowment learned through his inspiring life experiences while on his path to spiritual enlightenment and empowerment.

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The information, lessons and guidance, deftly dispensed by author Haight throughout this book can be called nothing short of soul stirring as he touches on many pertinent elements of the spiritual awakening process he learned helping himself to move out of the negativity wielding mind and into consciousness. Through this book he shares his experiences and offers sage guidance, in the hopes that his message will get through and help others to uncover the latent disharmony buried within themselves, thusly leading to expanded spiritual awareness and purpose.

What makes Mr. Haight a voice to be heard in the world of spiritual self-help is his many years of combined experiences involving divine guidance, meditation, healing therapies and the metaphysical conditioning of martial arts. He proves each to be an equally important facet of the process of spiritual unfolding. In fact, he shares his inspiring guidance not only within this book, but also as a multi-licensed instructor in meditation, therapy and martial arts. His journey has also led him to devise and teach a process of enhanced spiritual expansion, named Shinkaido, a multifaceted approach which is supposed to speed up the path to spiritual awakening.

Author Haight candidly unveils the details of his life’s journey, his voice is powerful, his honesty palatable and his words awe inspiring to say the least. The portrayal of his journey seems to come from a well -grounded perspective as he divulges shocking, but resonating first-hand, information concerning the future of earth, humanity and the necessity for expansion of one’s spirituality. Mr. Haight posits, like many other spiritual leaders currently are, that earth is going to go through a great change and move into a new age of consciousness but the journey will be rough.

Overall I was both deeply inspired and awed by The Unbound Soul. It was an engrossing and intense read that has forever changed my personal spiritual paradigm. I found some of his experiences to be almost incredulous, but indeed awe-inspiring. As I read, I experienced a range of emotions spanning from soul-shaking fear to reverberating inspiration especially as I experienced those “Aha” moments of realization. Although the book as a whole is metaphysically edifying, I found the content of Chapter 11, The Frequencies of Mind and Consciousness, eminently mind-blowing. This book is a keeper and I highly recommend it as an integral part of the libraries of those seeking expertly-helmed guidance to becoming consciously awake.