Leopold & the 5 Senseteers: Flour Power by Joshua Tabachnick (Author) and Dustin Dahlman (Illustrator)

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Leopold & the 5 Senseteers: Flour Power Leopold, who is six years old, is looking forward to helping his mother in preparing to celebrate his little sister’s birthday. Jesse will soon be five years old.

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Leopold’s mother wants to bake a cake for this special occasion. While planning, she realizes that the two of them need to go to the market for all the ingredients to make a chocolate cake, Jesse’s favorite.

While at the store, Leopold’s mother sends his to find a five-pound bag of flour. To achieve this goal, he needs the assistance of his five friends, one for each of his five senses.

The friends are Miss. See for the visual sense, Senor Hearwell for hearing, Mr. Touchovsky for touch, Mrs.Goodsmell for smell and Mr. Budtaste for taste. Each character’s head resembles their sense varying in shape, gender and color. This visual illustration is perfect for beginning readers in associating words.

The pictures perfectly the text as the story progresses logically while focusing on the senses of a preschool child. Each page unfolds with bright, engaging illustrations focusing on the senses with a muted background making it simple to understand the natural need of utilizing each sense into the everyday life.

Another focus of the story is the cooperative activity involving measurement in cooking wonderfully demonstrating for parents how to turn a daily chore into an involved learning experience for their child.

Additionally, the book contains a page for the child to find differences between two illustrations that are supposedly identical and online resources for the series with more games, puzzles, songs, videos, t-shirts, hats, and more activities with connections on Facebook and You Tube.

The author, Joshua Tabachnick is a Canadian who now resides in Los Angeles, California and works as a film/television composer and author. Dustin Dahlman, the illustrator is a native of Wisconsin who currently lives in Savannah, Georgia where he studies graphic design and illustration.

Flour Power is the perfect book for young children who are learning to use their senses to discover today’s world. Leopold and the 5 Senseteers: Flour Power is for children from the age four to six. Personally, this book is appropriate for all children in preschool or with special needs.

Flour Power is the first in this smart series featuring Leopold and his five friends. Through the utilization of illustrations, the senses become involved in assisting Leopold to achieve whatever goal he chooses.