A Question of Power (The Fire Chronicles Book 2) by Susi Wright

Reviewed by Timea Barbaras

A Question of PowerA Question of Power is the second book of the series The Fire Chronicles by Susi Wright. Preceded by Lord of Fire, this Question offers some answers in this volume, but hides several more in a sequel yet to come. If you want to take a trip into a land of fantasy, filled with adventure and romance, embark on the journey of The Fire Chronicles.

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While it is preferable that you read the first volume, the second volume is also strong enough to stand on its own. Before you land on Susi Wright’s fantasy realm she equips you with a map and a crash course of Gaian philosophy, so you have a sense of orientation once you arrive. It is refreshing to notice the abundance of female characters in the book. Some of them are present since the first volume while others are introduced just now. They are quite intriguing and portray different visions of the ideal Woman.

Humans cohabit the planet with Gaians and other fantastic races. The Gaians are humanoids with superior perceptive powers and a couple of more magical tricks up their sleeves. However, there are also specific physical hallmarks of the Gaians, they have light color hair and eyes with a mystical brilliance that never fails to go unnoticed. New times find these two races living together in the safety of an Alliance and cradling a new hybrid breed, which proves to exceed the parents.

At first we follow one of the most promising young Gaian warriors, Xandor, in his quest to find and rescue other members of his race. His journey will result in finding and adding valuable members to his clan and also his life. So, the characters that inhabit the series quickly surge. The tension in the air they all breed in forces the hand of their leader, Luminor, the Lord of Fire to act against a great evil that threatens to suffocate the new world order. And so, they ride into battle against an unknown enemy driven by an insatiable hunger for power.

A Question of Power is, no question about it, a great book for young adults loving fantasy novels. The story is well written and the plot is easy to follow. All in all, it makes for a refreshing read for people of all ages.

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