Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan? by Julia Wilmot

Reviewed by Lisa Gilbert-Brown

Where is Emma Butler's Life PlanA sublimely witty and thoroughly entertaining read, Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan? authored by Julia Wilmot,entrances Chick Lit readers from page to page, with its successful combination of humor, spirituality, and the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment by contemporary woman Emma Butler.

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A light hearted, but provocative read, this intriguing narrative stars main character Emma Butler, she’s single, youthful, intelligent, attractive and gainfully employed, but she begins to realize that she is worthy of something more rewarding career-wise, and with no man in her life her biological clock is ticking away as well. Somewhat complacent with her life, and not quite ready to make any big moves to change her life, Emma’s life stays somewhat stagnant.

Meanwhile, in the heavenly regions, hilarity ensues as a discovered error concerning Emma’s predetermined life plan, causes an Archangel and other angelic beings to work feverishly to influence and manipulate, thought and action in a race against time, as they work towards Emma completing her life plan before her quickly approaching death/recall date.

Emma, On the other hand, unaware of the angelic machinations at hand, finds herself forced by circumstances to make unexpected changes to her life. One of the remaining incomplete(s) in Emma’s life is finding love and that is where Jack comes in, her yet unrealized love interest. As the angels rush to get Jack and Emma together, some truly amusing and touching moments arise. Additionally, another plus with this endearing work is the underlying element of a story within the story as the angels too, are seemingly manipulated by God to learn life lessons as well.

Overall, I found Where is Emma Butler’s Life Plan? to be phenomenally engrossing read that will definitely put a smile on any reader’s face. I would love to see this book made into a movie! Not only is it wildly entertaining, creative, touching and witty, but author Wilmot, also did a spectacular job with incorporating some potent tenets and elements of spirituality, especially when it comes to dealing with the perception of death. Author Julia Wilmot demonstrates considerable storytelling abilities with this book, her characters are unique and multi-dimensional, the interactions between the characters especially, the angels, are pragmatically played out. I enthusiastically recommend this not just for Chick Lit fans but to those who like a really good read, it is well worth it.

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