The Newsmakers by Lis Wiehl and Sabastian Stuart (Review #2)

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

The NewsmakersReaders meet Erica Sparks as she is about to embark on a new career with the country’s fastest rising cable news network, Global News Network (GNN). We soon learn that Erica is a bit like the Phoenix, rising from a personal rock bottom. She has been sober for more than a year and is hoping the new job will allow her to again be a parent to her daughter.

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When Erica arrives at work, she notices that most of the people are guarded, secretive and highly competitive. She soon learns that this is because the president of GNN is a master at pitting his people against each other. A rising star today means someone else is on the way down. Erica is the newest in a line of rising stars.

rica is good at finding leads and working her contacts to get the high profile interviews, and so when she lands a quick interview with the Duchess of Cambridge she’s pleased but not surprised. But then she shows up for the interview and lands in one of the week’s top stories. A ferry has crashed quite literally right behind where Erica is set up to broadcast. When she returns to the station, she decides to follow up by looking into how the ferry pilot could have lost control of boat. But before she has gotten far with that story, she gets another big break for an interview of a leading political figure expected to announce her election plans. And once again, while Erica is broadcasting live a much bigger story comes into play.

Erica is smart and soon she begins to think these big breaks may not be quite the coincidences that they seem. As she begins to dig, people start getting hurt and she is firmly warned off. Remember Erica’s past I mentioned earlier? The thing is, no matter how far a person climbs, the past is always out there. Will that past rise again now to end her promising career?

Wiehl was written and fast paced thriller that takes readers deep into the world of cable news. Erica is a likable protagonist who I hope Erica returns for another installment.

We would all like to think the cutthroat atmosphere in The Newsmakers is fiction. But is it?

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