The Kill Switch by James Rollins and Grant Blackwood (Review #2)

The Kill Switch

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Starting with an incident in 1900 during the Boer War, The Kill Switch takes the reader into the modern era as competing doctors/pharmacologists try to find a mysterious type of plant that can kill off vegetation. Not on a small scale but on a worldwide scale! It seems that incident in 1900 had ended with this plant tucked away an unknown cave in Africa.

Tucker Wayne, a former Navy Seal, now works as a freelance adventurer who protects the “good guys” and quite often for Sigma, which is part of the U.S. Defense Agency. Wayne is not only an accomplished bodyguard type person but he also has a permanent companion from his military days. That companion is a German Sheppard named Kane who has been trained to understand Wayne’s commands and Wayne’s personality/temperament. Most folks do not understand just how well military dogs have been trained and how obedient they are. Kane’s part in this book makes for a good look at what can be accomplished between man and beast. Grant Blackwood has a great knowledge regarding these dogs.

Just as Wayne is finishing up his part-time duty as a bodyguard for a Russian Industrialist who has been set up for assignation he receives a call from Sigma’s Director who wants Wayne for a new job. This one entails getting one of the Russian pharmacologists out of Russia and to Africa. The reason this man needs a bodyguard type assistant is that there are others in Russia who are also trying to get to and find the plant from the Boer War days.

It doesn’t take Wayne long to find out that there is a seemingly endless list of Russian bad guys and girls who want to help Bukolov, the pharmacologist, find the plant. But they want to do so in order that they can control the possible annihilation of plant life. Not everyone understands that this plant cannot be controlled except with one or two possible counteragents.

As the story moves along Wayne and Kane meet many obstacles that are constantly cropping up to hinder Bukolov’s search. They also discover that some of those who are supposedly helping Bukolov are in reality spies who are not interested in him at all but only in the treasure if you will.

Overall this is a great read as if moves swiftly through dialogue and excellent description of surrounding scenery. Also how Wayne is able to use Kane in so many different portions of the travel and guard duty. The reader will come away with a very great idea of what can be accomplished by trainer and animal.

A great story line that is void of sex and profanity. Although some of it seems hard to believe I think it is all very possible and quite frightening when you really think about it!

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