White Colander Crime (A Vintage Kitchen Mystery) by Victoria Hamilton

White Colander Crime

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

White Colander Crime picks up where the previous book, No Mallets Intended ended. In No Mallets Intended the kitchen in the Historic Manor was redone in a vintage style by our protagonist Jaymie Leighton. The Queensville Historic Manor’s renovation is complete and the house is ready to be the showcase of the coming Dickens Days. Jaymie is planning to use the kitchen to bake cookies to hand out to the visitors.

However, not everyone in Queensville is in the holiday spirit. Jaymie finds a woman badly beaten in a shed. The woman is part of a rather notorious family in town and her mother works at the Historic Manor . Worse, Jaymie had recently witnessed an ugly scene between the woman and her boss’s son.

When not renovating kitchens, Jaymie writes a food column for the local paper. Even though her role at the paper is as a food columnist not a crime reporter, her boss asks her to get involved in a police investigation when her son is arrested after a girl who was beaten dies. This puts Jaymie in an awkward position since she has specifically been asked by the sheriff to not interfere. However, her boss (and friend) did ask and so Jaymie does start snooping around. What Jaymie finds are a number of long buried secrets about several people in the town that involve quite a bit more than a young woman being manhandled by her boyfriend.

There are two things that make this series so desirable. Jaymie is a wonderful and quite likeable protagonist. She does have a tendency to get herself into tight spots, but it seems as though she has the best of intentions for getting involved. The second thing about this series is the basic premise behind it-vintage kitchens. This element appeals to me as a reader, a cook and a lover of history. While this particular book didn’t have much to do with “vintage” anything aside from the manor opening, the series as a whole does.

This is the fifth book in the series.

I was sent a copy of the book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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