Where the Bodies Were Buried: Whitey Bulger and the World That Made Him by T.J. English

Where the Bodies Were Buried

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

More than just another biography on the life of James Whitey Bulger, Where the Bodies Were Buried, Whitey Bulger and The World That Made Him, brings into perspective the damning issue of years of government corruption evidenced by the revealed history of collusion between the FBI, The Department of Justice and Irish Mob boss Whitey Bulger, whose role in the top echelon informant program allowed him to go free and maintain his violent and vicious personal reign of terror for years.

Renowned author T.J. English presents an impassioned and exhaustive view of the history, criminal career and the 2013 trial of Whitey Bulger. This is not just an accounting of facts but there is a focus on the environment that created Gangster Bulger. Author English does not tread lightly in presenting the intricate history of the web of machinations, as he reveals the interdependent, decades – long, corrupt relationship between the mob and the government. This is a candid and unflattering look at this country’s broken criminal justice system which contributed towards a complex history of government corruption, cover up and criminal empowerment. As intriguing as it is revealing, there is an powerful current of condemnation throughout the book, of Whitey and the government fueled by the many searing first hand accounts, and interviews from those that knew Whitey; his associates, retired FBI agents, his victims- both direct and indirect.

Overall, I liked Where The Bodies Were Buried. Although not a light read, it was a multifaceted one that was illuminating, disconcerting, shocking, insightful and engaging as well. I do recommend this book especially to those interested in true crime reads it was a well done effort superbly written, organized and quite comprehensive in it’s presentation of the facts about the dark history between the U.S. government, the mob and the enabling of the notorious criminal, Whitey Bulger.

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