Ends of the World by Matthew Waterman

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Ends of the WorldAuthor Matthew Waterman treats readers to a unique reading experience with his debut thriller, Ends of the World; an interesting read that slickly captures reader’s attention by virtue of it’s distinctive characterizations and creative storyline.

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Author Waterman weaves a stimulating tale fraught with mystery and elements of fiction and reality that are both intertwined and apposed. Matt (the author) is also the story’s protagonist; however, this story is not quite a biography as there are strong fictional elements woven throughout the story.

In the book, Matt, central character and author, is working on a novel of short stories titled: Ends of the World, and one fateful night after a research jaunt at the local library he has an accident while driving home and he fears he may have hurt a young boy as a result. With no eyewitnesses, he leaves the scene somewhat unsure of the boy’s condition, however compelled by his conscience; Matt embarks on a mission to find out the boy’s true condition. Meanwhile, Matt tries to go on with his life as usual by working on his book of short stories that features characters witnessing the ends of their world but, as he digs for information on the boy he finds himself plagued by mysterious encounters and dangerous people that not only affect his work but also affects his loved ones and eventually puts them all in danger.

Overall, I enjoyed Ends of the World; it was a well-developed story that made for a generally good read. What I found to be particularly interesting about this book is that the author put himself in the midst of his own novel, which created an entertaining and twisted element to this narrative. Also, the interplay of reality and fiction makes this novel quite an engaging read as the reader bears witness to the author coming to terms with his own life as a result of his experiences. Author Waterman did a great job of incorporating a slowly but steadily built mystery, a variety of uniquely earthy characters and the complexity of an author’s life into this fascinating book. I recommend Ends of the World, to readers who enjoy their fiction with a twist of reality.

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