A is for Asshat (Malibu Mystery Book 1) by Sean Black and Rebecca Cantrell (Kindle Edition)

A is for Asshat

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Sofia Salgado had been a child star. After growing up and deciding that maybe, just possibly there was more to life than film, made a rather startling switch to become a private detective. She works for an agency where the owner’s son Aidan is also employed and there is chemistry between the two. That chemistry-both the good and the bad, drives the humor that is prevalent throughout the book.

What starts out as a routine surveillance gig suddenly turns into a homicide investigation and just like that the former star of The Half Pint Detective Show finds herself in the middle of an actual case.

Things that make this book a winner include the protagonist Sofia, the behind the scenes of the Hollywood setting and the remarkable job of plotting. The book is a comedy from the very first page, but the twists in the plot were excellent. I absolutely did not see the ending coming.

There were a couple of things that left me a bit cold. While Sofia is a very likable protagonist, I’m not quite as sold on her foil, Aidan. Where Sofia was funny, I found Aidan just plainly annoying an awfully lot of the time. Also, the book opens with Sofia on a stake out after having consumed way too much tea and needing to use the ladies’ room. Unfortunately, that situation plays out for readers with her getting out of the car and dropping her pants only to discover she was being filmed. Worse, the references to that act just kept on coming leaving me to feel like I was reading about a group of fifth grade boys instead of adults.

A is for Asshat is the beginning of a new series for Cantrell, now partnering with Black. Readers familiar with Cantrell’s and Black’s other work will probably be surprised with this series. Black writes thrillers and Cantrell has taken readers to Nazi Germany, below the streets of New York and on archeological expeditions, none of them exactly filled with humor. This time however, Cantrell and Black are taking readers on a fast paced ride through LaLa Land while we can almost hear the laugh track playing in the background. Did I like it? Mostly yes. Will I read the next one? Most definitely.

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