The Adventure in Divinity (The Divine Guardians) (Volume I) by Francisco Guerra III

The Adventure in Divinity

Reviewed by Rich Stoehr

Page 2 of ‘The Adventure in Divinity‘ features, among other things, a flaming tres leches cake, flying through the air like a Frisbee. As strange as this may sound, this pales in comparison to the wondrous strange things to come.

Francisco Guerra III’s ‘The Adventure in Divinity‘ is a short book – only about 138 pages in all – but within its pages lies a fantastic and original series of events quite unlike what you might expect. From a quiet beginning – a young teenage boy trying to glimpse Alcatraz Prison through the San Francisco fog – this tale leaps quickly into action. A bully, a pretty girl, police, and a chase through city streets soon ensue. And that’s literally just the beginning.

To give away too much more of the story would be a disservice, as much of the fun lies in the discovery of it. The overall story takes on a basic fantasy quest framework, with a new world to explore and a few tasks to accomplish along the way. But Guerra does enough original things with this idea that it makes the book fresh and fun to read, with interesting concepts, powerful visuals, and a genuinely satisfying ending.

As original and fun as the story is, the writing itself leaves something to be desired. Mostly, Guerra strikes a good balance of description vs. plot, keeping the story moving forward while spending a little time on important details. Sometimes, though, the words used are more complicated than need be, or the word choices themselves are questionable. Sometimes mistakes in grammar and word choice bog down what is otherwise an eminently enjoyable read.

Despite its stylistic missteps, ‘The Adventure in Divinity’ is still a fun, original story, and worth reading. The ideas are original and the message is heartfelt and authentic. The power of the imagination can overcome many obstacles, and this book proves that point well.

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