When the Serpent Bites by Nesly Clerge

When the Serpent Bites

Reviewed by Timea Barabas

When a snake bites there are a few steps one can take right away, such as immobilizing the affected area, before being transported to a medical facility. But “When the Serpent Bites” the venom spreads faster and the victim must fight for his life.

The serpent is one of the most widespread and fascinating mythological symbols. So, it is no wonder that out of the many values which are attributed to it, some are contradictory, like guardianship and vengefulness. The magical thing about the serpent is that it is the ultimate representation of the duality of good and evil. In this crime novel just like in real life the good and evil are intertwined.

What does a man who has everything do when he loses it all? Nesly Clerge invites the reader to follow the downfall and rebirth of this man. Although he had all the money he wanted, fancy cars, a breathtaking home, Starks worked hard to obtain all these. He also fought for the love of his wife, Kayla. Their relationship started in high school, and survived many hardships, especially financial ones. But after the financial struggles were finally over and they lived in luxury together with their three children, another even more damaging problem crept into their marriage: adultery. After confronting his wife about her infidelity, they decide to end it, but Starks had difficulties closing this chapter of his life. So, “When the Serpent Bites” Frederick Starks, his mind is overcome by a red fog of rage and once the fog dissipates he awakes to an unfamiliar sight. And now he must face the cold world of prison. There he is forced to start all over again. Will he be able to regain in this setting the respect and power he had in his previous life, or fall victim to the system?

By far the most intriguing part of the novel starts as Starks steps into the maximum security penitentiary. There he must learn the ticking of this strange new world and learn to adapt fast if he wants to survive. Soon after his arrival he has to spend several months in solitary confinement. In the darkness of his loneliness he loses himself to his memories. Once he rejoins the general population he must face enemies of a more material kind. You will learn alongside him the prison jargon, gangs, hierarchy, and survival techniques.

A serpent is also a symbol of rebirth. Molded by the harsh prison environment, Starks sheds his old skin and slides into a new one. “When the Serpent Bites” by Nesly Clerge is above all, a story of rebirth.

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