The Comfort of Black by Carter Wilson

The Comfort of Black

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Carter Wilson’s The Comfort of Black is a perplexing, sexy and dark thriller that will keep readers riveted from the foreboding prologue to its last word. Fraught with an intriguingly perverse plot, and corrupt characters readers will find themselves consumed by the ventures of the story’s heroine Hannah, as she struggles with her own dark side, abstruse past and the suddenly harrowing realization that her husband Dallin is not the man she thought he was.

Hannah knew that something was off about her marriage to Dallin Leighton at first things were great but now their marriage seemed to change pace. Her marriage seemed to be slowly disintegrating. But what was the cause? Was Dallin working too hard? Was Hannah over reacting? Suspicions aside
Hannah tried to keep the faith until one fateful night when her life became suddenly and unalterably changed after she overheard her husband utter a bizarre and frightening statement which set her on a dangerous venture to search for the truth. Unable to just brush off her experience or give up on her marriage she begins a quest to dig for the truth behind Dallin’s utterance. As she digs for the truth and questions her life especially her marriage, she meets Blackstone Morrow seemingly a stranger, until he reveals that he is also a part of her evilly entangled life. Hannah confused and hurt soon discovers that something far more sinister and twisted lies beneath her husband’s bizarre statement, estranged behavior and she is in mortal danger. Unclear on whom she can trust and where to turn she finds herself forced to trust the only offered helping hand – Black.

What I liked about this book was the deliciously twisted plot; the debauched characters and the slick storytelling by author Carter Wilson who knows how to keep a persistent air of electrifying mystery, depravity and action moving at a lip biting pace. The Comfort of Black was a truly enjoyable adult themed read and I highly recommend it.

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