The Butterfly Groove: A Mother’s Mystery, A Daughter’s Journey by Jessica Barraco

The Butterfly Groove

Reviewed by Book Bug

– My Description –
Jessica was only 12 years old when her mother died. Dianne Barraco passed away at 49 years old. She was taken away from Jessica and her family way too early.

Dianne was born in 1950. She was a child of the 50’s and 60’s. She was so full of fun and light.

Many years after her Mother’s death, Jessica wants to piece together mysteries of her mother’s life.

Dianne met many friends over the years. Notably, Donna, Frank, and Bill.

Donna her best friend she had known since elementary school. Frank was her ballroom dancing partner, then later was her love. Bill was a hero who died in the Vietnam war while saving his comrades. Bill was to marry Dianne later but died before that happened. Later, Dianne met and fell in love with Ray Barraco. They married and had 2 girls.

Dianne died way too young but she sure left a legacy behind.

– My Review –
I can’t imagine not having my mother here with me. She’s my best friend.
I call her as soon as I wake in the morning. I call several times through-out the day just to check in.

My mother is getting older now. She’ll be 68 in January. She had a triple by-pass 7 years ago. She’s doing great now. I still worry. I dread that “phone call” informing me of her passing. I worry about this constantly. My dad died when I was only 5 years old. I have some memories of him.

Jessica lost her mother at such a young age. Her mother was her best friend. The memories Jessica has of her are great ones.

Daughters need their mothers like sons need their fathers. There’s a special bonding there. Everyday should be Mother’s day. Everyday should be Father’s day. ALWAYS respect your parents.

One way Jessica escaped her reality was playing with her Barbie dolls on Barbie lane. On Barbie Lane, parents do not die. Death is not welcome on Barbie Lane.

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