Skip’s Game Plan by Steve Sigafoose

Skip's Game Plan

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Starting a new school is not enjoyable for most students. For high school students it can be a nightmare. However, Calvin Hawkings is conscientious, works hard, and focuses on what he should in high school, his classes. His friends are his books and one is always close to him. He is not athletic even though he is close to seven feet tall. Why isn’t someone who is almost seven feet tall on the basketball team?

Skip Weber is on the basketball team and plans to play on the varsity team this year since he is now a junior. Most of last year’s team graduated leaving only one senior for the varsity team. That leaves room for many juniors making varsity this year but no one has any height.

Skip is determined to make this varsity team the best possible this year. Could this new student be the answer to a successful year for the basketball team?

Skip lives, eats, and breathe basketball. His classes are not really important to him, basketball is his world. Wouldn’t it be great it this Calvin played basketball? This could be just what his high school team needs.

Calvin has never played basketball. Skip is determined to make Calvin his friend, but what do they have in common? Can there be a friendship between a scholar and an athlete? Can Skip turn a tall scholar into an athlete? Would Skip learn anything from this relationship

Skip decides to make friends with Calvin. Could Calvin be the basketball center the other players dream about?

Skip’s Game Plan is a book about high school basketball. As the friendship develops between Skip and Calvin, they learn how friendship can benefit everyone. Perhaps Skip could utilize some of Calvin’s study skills as Calvin learns about his basketball skills.

Skip’s Game Plan is outstanding with explaining basketball skills and what is needed to develop a winning team. The sporting observations and skill building ideas in the book would benefit any team.

I did thoroughly enjoy reading this novel but was bothered by one aspect. What high school boy is not interested in girls and cars? Apparently the ones in this book have little interest in either. Is that realistic?

Who should read this gem of a novel? Everyone who enjoys a well-written novel set in a high school without foul language, sexual situations, or violence. Even high school students would enjoy Skip’s Game Plan, especially those who play or dream of playing basketball.

Being that this book was published through a self-publication, there are some spelling errors that occasionally distract from the story.

The author, Steve Sigafoose retired from working at the Council Bluffs’ Nonpareil. He is a former sports editor who covered high school and junior college games over thirty years in Leavenworth, Kansas and Rome, Georgia as well as Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Skip’s Game Plan is a great book for everyone to read, learn a little basketball strategy, and to thoroughly enjoy.

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