Fiercombe Manor by Kate Riordan

Fiercombe Manor

Reviewed by Book Bug

– My Description –
The year is 1933.
Alice Eveleigh is in love with the man of her dreams, or so she thinks….

John is married. He tells her he plans on leaving his wife for her. (Never ever believe that, girlfriend. Lol)

After a brief tryst, Alice discovers she’s pregnant. He informs her he’s changed his mind and is not leaving his wife. Alice decides not to tell John about the baby.

Young Alice is unmarried and pregnant. This was quite the stigma for young women back then.

She tells her parents. Her mom knows of a place that is taken care of by an old friend, Edith.

Her mom has the idea of the duration of her pregnancy to stay at Fiercombe Manor. After the baby arrives, the baby will be put up for adoption.

A lie is set into motion. Alice’s mother informs Edith that Alice is recently widowed and pregnant. This lie will save Alice and her mother’s reputations.
This is all a superb plan.

Alice arrives at this hauntingly beautiful mansion. She discovers many mysteries within its walls.

– My Review –
This started off a little shaky for me. I really just wasn’t “getting” it. After page 30, it seemed to even out.

For one thing: The writer just didn’t capture the era. I wasn’t being transported to the 1930’s. Another thing: Alice is pregnant. She wasn’t taking care of herself for the baby’s sake.

Edith informs her of a set of stairs never to take. Did Alice listen? NO!
She was rattling around the manor like a Nancy Drew. It was so irritating. I wanted to scream. The manor had a library. Grab a book, freaking lay on a bed and REST! Eat when you’re supposed to eat. Alice had a problem doing this too.

Maybe I’m being a Nervous Nelly, but she made me nervous and pissed off.
When someone tells her something for her own good, she needed to listen.

All the mysteries in this house, and she wants to investigate. I get it. She’s bored, and mysteries are hard to ignore. But when you’re preggo, the best you can manage is being an armchair detective.

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