Chasing Justice: A Matt Royal Mystery (Matt Royal Mysteries) by H. Terrell Griffin

Chasing Justice

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Matt Royal, a favorite of Griffin’s, is finally retired and living the life of the beachcomber on Longboat Key off the SW Florida coast. Royal has solved many mysteries and worked many court cases for Griffin over the years but he supposedly has now been put out to pasture.

But wait! Seems as though there has been a murder of a prominent citizen and for some reason the Florida Department of Law Enforcement jumped into the investigation very quickly. Their analysis pointed them to arrest Abby Lester, the wife of Longboat Key’s police chief.

Without a lot of second thoughts Royal immediately accepted the chief’s and Abby’s request for his assistance. Since he is a good friend and since he definitely doesn’t believe Abby is in any way involved Royal took on the task and has immediately begun is own investigation.

Royal’s very tight squeeze, Jennifer Diane Duncan known as J.D., is a very qualified detective who works for the Longboat Key’s police department and is already deeply involved in the investigation of a woman who was found dead in her apartment. This dead lady like many of the Key residents is pretty well off and appears to have been murdered.

As the story begins to unravel it appears that maybe, just maybe, there may be some connection between Nate Bannister, the man Abby is accused of shooting, and Linda Favereaux, the lady that J. D. had found murdered. However there is a lot of storytelling between any connections are made.

One of the strangest subplots is why the FDLE was called in on this investigation and especially why it was done so early on. Normally they do not get involved until the locals do some of the work and either hit a brick wall or cannot afford to spend enough time due to manpower.

Royal however begins doing his own investigation to better prepare himself for defending his client in court. Although he and J.D. converse about the two cases there is very little actual beating the bushes together. They do both keep running into similarities that are very hard to overlook. There appears to be little doubt that there is a “whole lot going on” in the Longboat Key area.

Perhaps the real crux of the book is how not only how Royal prepares for going to trial by digging deeper and deeper into all facets of the crime but also how he then conducts himself in the courtroom.

The courtroom activity is really well written and holds your interest throughout. I suppose Griffin’s own background as a trial lawyer shines through in the whole endeavor. How the battle goes on between the opposing attorneys and how the courtroom views it is interesting.

Very interesting book. Good story lines, little profanity, and virtually no sex. I will be looking for more books by Griffin and encourage others to do the same.

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