If You Were Me and Lived in Greece…Peru…Hungry…Scotland: A Child’s Introduction to Culture Around the World (Cultures of the World) by Carole P. Roman

If You Were Me and Lived in Greece

Reviewed by Teri Davis

Today’s media frequently reports about the ignorance of America’s children, especially in terms of geography. Carole P. Roman recognized this problem. As a former teacher with years of experience, she saw a solution. She has created a series of books with matching text and illustrations to assist everyone to become more aware of the world, literally giving her readers a global education. She has developed short picture books each focusing on a single country. Each book briefly highlights the geography, culture, food and language in an engaging format for the very young and for readers of all ages. Obviously through her books she is not complaining but taking a step towards solving the problem by both educating and entertaining simultaneously.

Each book begins with the country outlined and then continues to show the placement of the country with the rest of the world. A quick overview of common children’s name for each is highlighted as well as the usual terms for mother and father. Another page in each book focuses on the money and common things purchased. There are even pages discussing the food along with descriptions and pronunciations encompassing the local cultures of foods native to the area as well as drinks while showing what a meal looks like and how they actually eat.

Depending on the particular country, some of these books discuss particular
cities which are well known such as Athens in Greece being the birthplace of democracy.

The target audience for these books are young children from the age of four to eight. In each the games the children play and the schools are presented in a way that places the reader inside the book with the pictured characters.

What is outstanding in these short informative books is how well the pictures perfectly match the text and give a clear visual picture of the family relationships. While showing some of the common culture in each country through the architecture, the local markets, the tourist sites as well as the value in the uniqueness of each.

Every book also discusses the important celebrations in each country.

The text is simplistic with the illustration beautifully showing the clothing and the activity of each country.

Carole P. Roman’s books are wonderful educational tools that make learning about other places in the world exciting and fun for everyone.

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