Dying Wish (Jeff Temple) by James Raven

Dying Wish by James Raven

Reviewed by Danita Dyess

In Dying Wish by James Raven, a gruesome story of sadomasochistic deaths starts to unravel quickly. Grant Mason is the author of five books about New Forest National Park — a lovely, historical forest. As he was conducting a book signing, he collapsed of a heart attack. His trusted assistant, Hilary Dyer, comforts him. But as the ambulance wails in the background, Mason is only concerned about one thing: demanding that Dyer burn down his house. Why?

Jeff Temple, a detective, learns about his dying wish. Apparently, Mason’s hideaway is a repository of pornography, hunting knives, stun guns, a camcorder and a map that identifies 15 points for 15 dead people. And Grant Mason is really Trevor Grant Mason, a sexual offender imprisoned for five years.

Could the murders be linked to Bob and Rosemary Hamilton, the couple that’s been missing for five days? Mason’s accomplice continues the work of his master. So Temple only has a few days before the killer tires of used, bloody flesh and sexually molested bodies.

Since the media broadcast the latest developments, keeping two steps ahead of the police maybe be tricky but not impossible. Nothing can squelch the urge to kill. Soon he will be driven to hunt again.

Dying Wish was the fourth in the DCI Jeff Temple Series. The setting was key for this action-packed work of fiction. The characters and dialogue were real. James Raven is also the author of After the Execution and Malicious. Dying Wish is highly recommended.

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