Making It by Amanda Gibbs

Making It

Reviewed by Timea Barabas

Love has many faces and Amanda Gibbs invites you to discover one of these through her book Making It. Her stories are not restricted to a single literary form, but take on whatever serves them best, so you can expect anything from prose and poetry to vignettes.

Actually, Making It is like a written photo album of a couple’s life. The chapters are like HD snapshots of adventures these two shared from the day they met to their 30th anniversary. The high-resolution imagery allows you to witness the smallest of details and the most intimate thoughts. What the reader sees about this couple is not restricted only to the material dimension, but it goes beyond that, to the magical and still largely unmapped minds of a woman and a man. The two main characters bare the burden of representing their gender, and they are both, in a sense the archetypal male and female. However, they bare the mark of our modern times. There is an interesting dynamic between what both of them think, say, and do. Their actions (just like ours) are not always smoothly linked to their thoughts and words. It takes time and dedication to get to truly know a person, sometimes it takes 30 years, and sometimes a lifetime is still not enough.

Each chapter is unique both in form and in content. Some snapshots will show you how special this couple is, while others will expose how ordinary these people are. But all chapters offer an equally intimate view for the reader.

Do not expect a lot of descriptions in the 60 pages of this book; the pages are mostly filled with dialogue. So, you will be only given the contour of an image and you will have to fill that in with your imagination. Basically, you will also have a contribution in bringing the content of Making It to life. Actually, it is rather hard to aptly represent people and lure readers into a different world in such few pages, but Amanda Gibbs manages to do just that.

If you are looking for a fast paced, short and pleasant read, you should try Making It by Amanda Gibbs. In the pages of this book lies in black and white a face of love you have never seen before.

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