Death in the Time of Ice (A People of the Wind Mystery Book 1) by Kaye George

Death in the Time of Ice

Reviewed by Teri Davis

“There has always been the wind. Since our planet began to turn, there has always been the wind. This ball of dirt and fire and water started to spin. The air stirred. And Earth’s time began. But the beginnings of the wind are lost in the mists of time. The wind blew…Before Man.

More than thirty-thousand years ago, North America was nearing the time of the Ice Age forcing tribes of people to move tino areas where there was abundant food needed for their survival. Although we don’t know everything about life thirty-thousand years ago, it is believed that the Neanderthals possibly lived at the same time of the Cro-Magnons and other early forms of mankind. Some of these likely made it to the continent of North America.

*Death in the Time of Ice* is a fictional story based on actual research from roughly thirty-thousand years ago when varying forms of humanoids co-existed in possibly North America. What was their day like? How did they survive? How did they communicate? What did they value?

Enga Dancing Flower and her twin sister, Ung Strong Arm were aware that for their tribe, change was going to happen very soon. Hama, the Most High Female was talking of the approaching cold winter months and the migrating herds that have moved out of their area. The tribe did not have enough food to survive and would either have to move to the food supply or starve to death as had other nearby tribes.

Being this was a Neanderthal tribe, it is believed by some that these people might not have spoken but communicated by a form of telepathy with visual images. Both Enga Dancing Flower and Ung Strong Arm had been adopted by the tribe years ago as the Neanderthals were believed to be accepting of others and were capable of this non-verbal communication.

When Hama is murdered, the tribe wants to go various directions. Besides the obvious of selecting a new leader, the impending change caused multiple doubts and problems. Some are focused on the immediate need of food, others on moving, some on a new leader, and a few on discovering Hama’s killer.

*Death in the Time of Ice* is an adventure into the Neanderthal world of more than thirty thousand years ago. At the beginning of each chapter is a non-fiction belief about this time period with many of these “facts” woven into the story.

In 2010, Kaye George was nominated for the Agatha Best Short Story Award with her short story collection entitled *A Patchwork of Stories.*

In much the same style as Jean M. Auel and Michael and Kathleen O’Neal Gear, Kaye George has written a shorter but significant fictional account of this Neanderthal mystery.

*Death in the Time of Ice* is a thrilling adventure into the far past.

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